Fire Prevention Week


To kick off Fire Prevention Week, we want to give some helpful tips to promote fire safety. Your College Station Firefighters want to help make the community safer through fire prevention. We are always there when you call for us, but we also hope you never have to call us because of a fire.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives, by alerting you when there is something wrong. Like any device, they need fresh batteries and they do wear out. Please remember to change your batteries and to make sure they are not older than 10 years old. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have an average lifespan of about ten years, and they should be replaced no later than that ten-year mark. The detectors do not have an expiration date listed on them, but a date of manufacture. So when you check your batteries, make sure to check the date as well.

We also hope this year everyone will make sure they have and know how to use a multi-purpose fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers can put the fire out or knock it down until your College Stations Firefighters arrive. To use a fire extinguisher, remember the acronym PASS. PASS stands for; Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, Sweep side to side.

Don’t hesitate to stop by your local College Station Firehouse, or call your College Station Firefighters, if you need any help. We are always available to help our amazing College Station community.